• Lake Matheson

    I received my ‘Lake Matheson’ painting today and I have just hung it up in my lounge room….. My husband loves it just as much as I do, absolutely beautiful. My son just came home and said “Wow” who is going to get that? (LOL!) I told him that it was coming with me! Again, Thankyou.
    S.L., Australia

  • Very large canvas fine art print

    Lorraine, your work has been framed up and displayed for quite a few weeks already. I just want to tell you that almost everybody who has visited our home is attracted to it and said it’s very nice and very interesting. None of my friends is an artist (they — and myself too — are just “ordinary” folks, ha) but the painting has brought them much enjoyment. The framer commented that the sense of depth is done very nicely.
    RW, Asia

  • Kaleidoscope – large print

    Due to my wide wall, I was trying to get a very large print of “Kaleidoscope”. I worked that out over email with Lorraine — She was very responsive and the resulting print order was processed quickly and looks great! She had patiently answered many questions of mine — given neutral/ non-pushy information on the various print options and framing possibilities.
    Renee, Singapore

  • Commissioned landscape in watercolour

    It’s amazing – it’s exactly what it should be like! I don’t know how you could get it so perfect!
    E, New Zealand

  • Commissioned landscape

    “Wow! It’s so good! Oh, you’re so clever!”
    SJ, New Zealand