Contact me to request a commission

Paintings showing in this ‘commissions’ section are here to illustrate examples of previously commissioned work that I have been privileged to paint. I am willing and able to accept commissions for similar works. If there is no price showing, ask me to give you a price for the painting you wish to commission. I will respond directly to you.

I will need to know what medium you want me to use for the painting – watercolour (waterccolor) or acrylic, oils, graphite, pencil or pen; and also the approximate size you require.

Maybe you need a large landscape for your office or home, or perhaps a particular scene, person, pet, building or object you wish me to paint for you; just let me know what you’re thinking!

Examples of Previous Commissions


“I have been away for a few days and came back this morning to be greeted by your wonderful painting. Lorraine, I just could not be happier. I am completely thrilled with it. I keep looking at it ( which I suppose is the point). My sincere thanks again. You have rather made my day.”  
Emma Smith, Dunedin, NZ

“What beautiful precision and delicacy in the brushwork! Very impressive!” 
Ian Reid, Perth, Australia

“I was so pleased with my ‘house portrait’ that I recommended you to friends. Thank you – it’s perfect!”
H & D – Christchurch NZ

“The birds are so life-like!”
BB – Christchurch, NZ